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Capco is a manufacturer of polymeric and chemical materials and products in the concrete industry.

The product groups that we have produced so far are:

1- Chemical additives in concrete

2- Chemicals in construction industry

3- Waterstop sealing tapes

4- Polymeric spacers

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The difference between sealant compounds and damp proof

It is necessary to know the difference between watertight and damp-proof concrete to increase impenetrability since reducing concrete permeability with sealants is one of the important issues which is used in some concrete structures.

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Studying 5 items of the most important aspects of roller compacted concrete and its main admixtures

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry. Generally, sand, water, and cement are mixed to make the concrete; in fact, the presence of water and cement leads to an increase in sand cohesion and consistency. Sometimes other materials are used instead of water in the concrete mixture which makes it bond to different surfaces.

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Destructive factors of concrete

Today concretes with correspondent characteristics have not been designed in some projects due to different factors including, not having sufficient knowledge. Despite the fact that concrete structures have sufficient durability during their lifetime, they damage in aggressive environmental conditions.

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What is lightweight concrete?

The lightweight concrete is one of the most widely used building materials and concrete products. By the growing population and the need for more construction, building strength has also been paid attention to by contractors and builders to construct a high-strength building in considering current standards.

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