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Capco is a manufacturer of polymeric and chemical materials and products in the concrete industry.

The product groups that we have produced so far are:

1- Chemical additives in concrete

2- Chemicals in construction industry

3- Waterstop sealing tapes

4- Polymeric spacers

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Lime concrete- advantages and disadvantages

The strength of materials is very important in structures and buildings; hence, individuals active in the construction field have always been searching for ways to improve the physical and mechanical properties to increase their strength. The concrete admixtures were a suitable way for this issue.

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Some of the properties of concrete glue with an acrylic base that you should know

It is commonplace to use admixtures to improve material properties in the modern construction industry. Concrete is one of the main materials that is used in building construction and its strength and durability directly affect the safety of the building. The purchase of concrete glue as an admixture is very common in the construction field. Are you familiar with the different types of admixtures used in this industry? We will acquaint you with the properties of concrete adhesive with an acrylic base so that you can suitably understand their advantages and efficiency.

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Using superplasticizers for building residential towers

The excessive amount of water in concrete significantly reduces its strength and durability. For this reason, experts in this field have looked for suitable admixtures for many years to replace them with water. The products that have been entered the construction industry are known as water-reducing materials. One of these products being paid attention to today is known as plasticizer and can be used in concrete compounds. Today, superplasticizers are widely used in building residential buildings and provide suitable conditions for construction.

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What concrete admixtures should be used in hot seasons?

You should consider different factors if you want to use concrete in hot climates. When the weather gets hot, the water or concrete consistency reduces therefore, the concrete hardens severely. On the other hand, adding water to concrete weakens its structure and this leads to a decrease in the strength of the concrete. It is necessary to use suitable admixtures to resolve concrete consistency in hot weather

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